Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Oh boy has the last week been full of blog fodder. It's been so full there hasn't been an opportunity to sit down and take it all in much less write about it. I'll just hit the highlights.

Ground Zero. I was there. I leaned against the fence and fought back the tears. I thought about Michelle, her friends and the other people lost that day and I prayed. I quickly scanned the banner of the 2,996 names looking for the ones I learned about because of the project. My group was moving on and I had to catch up so I never found the names I searched for. But, in my mind I could see their faces and I renewed my vow never to forget. I never saw the towers in person. NYC was never on my list of must do. But, I am so glad that I had the opportunity to spend a few hours there.

Moon sighting. Daredevils. Yes, demons or something possessed that child during a band trip and he mooned the car behind the bus. It was okay in that it was some of the other band students. But, the old lady in the car next to it was slightly offended. She wrote down the bus number and reported it to the school transportation office. The Principal just told the Band Director to "deal with it". So, after the Band Director gained his composure and stiffled his snickering, he sternly warned Daredevil not to pull that stunt again. The discussion of this incident was a whole other fodder bit on it's own. Daredevil and Chowhound has consumed massive amounts of suger for dinner prior to this dialoge. It sounded like a scene out of Porkys.

"So your friend's ratted you out?"

"Must have. They didn't do a line up."

Yeah, I can just visualize the volunteers for that line up. Bend over
and pull down your pants and see if the witness can make a positive

"Did it have a mole on it?" Dardeveil confessed, "No moles, but it's
real hairy."

TMI big time. He is 19 now. I have no business knowing what his backside looks like. My days of wiping that have been long, long, long, gone.