Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Chowhound had a pre-festival tonight for concert band. I love listening trying to pick out particular instruments. It puts me in my own little world. Particulary, since I am so tone deaf it's not funny. I have no musical inclination at all. None. Nada. But, I enjoyed it just the same.

Chowhound was chatty tonight which always makes for an interesting conversation. I never know what to expect. Throw Daredevil into the conversation and I had tears in my eyes. Unfortunately, my chronic CRS is acting up tonight and like the punchline to a great joke, I have forgotten what we were laughing so hard about. I know it was really funny. I can still see Chowhound doing the gestures. This is so frustrating.

Anyway, maybe it will come back to me. I do remember one of the stories. It was a definite lesson in keeping your mouth shut until you know what someone is talking about. The band director was absent one day last week. So, Monday he asked a group of band kids what they knew about this one particular kid, Z. The director wanted to know what happened. So, one girl starts going into the details of Z climbing into the band room ceiling and falling through into the percussion room. The directors eyes widened and he slowly starts walking towards the percussion room. Opps. This wasn't the incident he was inquiring about. Up until that point only the kids were aware of what happened. The substitute was busy playing on his laptop or something. The band kids were watching a "drum corps" DVD which turned out to be SAW3. Yeah, great things happen in band.