Monday, December 12, 2005

5 Indicators of my Uniqueness

I'm renaming this Meme that Quality Weenie passed off to me. Weird habits. I have none. They are not weird to me, anyhow. They are eccentricities of my personality. The things that set me aside from the mainstream. I don't notice them until people point them out.

1. I rock. We're not talking music. And I don't need a chair. Think autistic. Rainman even. Definitely Rainman. Definitely. If I can't rock back and forth or side to side, then my leg or foot will be moving. I am hardly ever still. Something has to move.

2. I rarely watch a movie at home from beginning to end. Either I fall asleep or I have to get up and wander around. Do something. Sitting still doesn't happen very often. See #1. Now, I can go to the theatre and watch the entire movie without a problem. But, it takes 2 or 3 viewings at home before I see the whole thing.

3. It has to be noisy for me to go to sleep. I use the TV for a nightlight and background sound. If it is quiet my mind conjures up all sorts of ghosts and evil things lurking. If the TV gets turned off, I will immediately sit up and say, "Hey, I was watching that." Evidently, I watch it with my ears. (This only applies if I'm not with my Sweetie. I guess it's a security issue.)

4. I post notes for myself everywhere. On doors, mirrors, on the steering wheel. Anywhere obvious. I am extremely forgetful. I have to post a note on the door leading outside when I light candles in the house. Otherwise, I will leave without blowing them out. I have done this more than once. So now I have a note on the door.

5. I have to have keep at least one book in the bathroom. Otherwise, I will be reading the back of the shampoo bottle or anything within reach.

So, there you have it. Five indicators of my uniqueness. Now, who hasn't been tagged. If I tag you and already did this and I just couldn't find your post about it, then tag someone for me. So, I'm tagging Love and Koolaid Stains, Naya's Reality, Son of a DJ, and GA Mongrel.