Saturday, December 17, 2005

You can dress her up, you can't take her out

OMG. I can't believe what I did. I re-enacted the restaurant scene from Pretty Woman. I am usually dressed in jeans, tee shirt, hard hat, steel toed boots, grease and dirt. But, last night for our Company Christmas party, I dolled myself up. Elegant, sexy dress. Pantyhose. Heels. Makeup. The works. I looked good. Sophisticated and Uptown. But, you can dress me up, you can't take me out. As I attempted to pinch the tail off my shrimp cocktail, it took flight. Unlike in Pretty Woman, there wasn't a waiter standing by to catch it. Instead it sailed right into my Boss's forehead. Cocktail sauce splattered all in his hair and face. After the initial shock wore off, he laughed and said, "Slippery little bugger isn't it." Oh, I was so embarrassed. So much for a Christmas bonus.