Wednesday, December 21, 2005

We made it!

Chowhound and I are here in beautiful Exuma, Bahamas. The flight yesterday was a little unnerving but we eventually made it. It wasn't bad enough that yesterday morning the news reported two airplane crashes. Both in the cities I was flying out from. Nothing like hearing this hours before you climb on board. But, then 10 minutes into the flight out of Miami, the pilot announced we were having a minor indicator problem and were returning to Miami. He assured us it was minor but then added that it involved the propulsion system. I'm sure they are trained to always announced that problems are minor. We landed back in Miami without indicent, but not without my nerves being on edge. Maintenence boarded the plane, without tools, went into the cockpit for a short while. Then, the pilot announced that we were good to go because one of the two systems was still operating properly. Finally, we made it.

Today, diving was great. We will have pictures tomorrow. I forgot to charge my camera battery and then a bird committed suicide in the transformer so we had no electricity. And when the power is out, it doesn't matter how many outlets you plug the charger in, it won't work. I know I tried three. My brain hasn't destressed and kicked back in yet. Teenagers will do that do you.