Sunday, December 18, 2005

Christmas Music Memories

Momma Bug dug out the Christmas Albums and this resurrected memories for me as well. I grew up in an era of 33's and 45's. Record players. Adapters. Scratches and skips. And the ability to change the speed on the player so everyone sounded like Alvin and Chipmunks. We, too, had a collection of Christmas records. I believe my mom still has them tucked in a closet somewhere too. We decorated our pilfered tree to dogs "singing" Jingle Bells and Alvin and his cohorts screeched out traditional songs in a non-traditional style. Those were my mom's favorites. My favorites included two songs on a 45 sung by Yogi Jorgesson , "I yust go nuts at Christmas" and "Yingle Bells". They were in a Swedish accent, I believe, and were comical. **OMGosh. I just googled it and found the lyrics and someone else's memories revolved around this song. Too funny. Hat tip to StinaLisa.