Sunday, February 12, 2006

Help Save the Iguana

In my dining room, I have a wall done entirely in stone (it matches my fireplace).

I wanted a mirror for this wall.

I wanted the mirror to be surrounded by black wrought iron.

This imagine of the perfect mirror has been haunting my mind. I have been obsessed with it. I had to find this mirror.

I searched and searched.

Yesterday, my car suddenly veered out of the stagnate traffic and went to this little hole in the wall shop. I had never noticed this shop before. The signs were kind of confusing. The name was Island Imports yet it informed me that the products were from Mexico. Did I miss that geography class?

But, lo and behold there was my dream mirror. It's exactly what I had pictured. Well, almost. My version didn't have the iguana.

I bought the mirror with the intent of removing the critter or covering him up. But, now there is a debate in my household.

Improviser loves the iguana. He votes it stays.

Daredevil is in love and therefore nothing exists except his girlfriend. So, he's not voting.

Chowhound never makes it to the dining room. He camps out in front of the refrigerator. Therefore, he hasn't seen the new pet. But, he would probably vote to remove and cook the delicacy.

The critter is starting to grow on me. He looks at home lurking on those rocks. Well, I have been trying to come up with a new "theme" for my house. Maybe I found one.

Help me. Vote. Do we keep the new pet or find him a new home?