Monday, February 13, 2006

Is 28 degrees too cold for shorts.

I live in Florida. North Florida. It is 28 degrees this mornings. Brrrrrrrrr. That is too freaking cold for me. We are minutes from the GA border. This is imported dead palm tree country. Tourist do not flock here for the winter. It gets cold. Tomorrow is going to be in the teens. Today's high isn't even going to hit 50.

However, Chowhound is prancing around here in shorts this morning. He is wearing shorts to school. He insists he lives in Florida so he can wear shorts year round. I know it's an attention thing from his friends. He is 16. I won't get into a head butting contest with him. I just shake my head and walk off. If he wants to freeze his marbles off that his business. But, I bet he took his sweats with him for track practice. He maybe brain damaged but he is not stupid.

It still makes me lose my mind.