Saturday, February 04, 2006

To Dawn Rena

My post for Dawn is gone. Damn Blogger. It was there. I saw it. And now it's gone. Just another reason to get angry. Maybe I can take out my frustrations on blogger.

I will try this again.

Dawn Rena, I will miss you. You are my best friend. We have over twenty years of memories together. We're supposed to have a lot more. We've raised children, married and divorced, laughed and cried. Two weeks ago we made "plans" to get together next time I came to town. You laughed at how some people couldn't understand how we could go months without talking and still be best friends. And we exchanged "I love yous". I'm so glad I got the chance to say that to you even though I know you already knew. That's what being friends is all about.

Our lives became entwined right after high school. Late nights closing at Taco Bell. The look on your face when I threw a cap full of sour cream and it landed right on the top of your head. Sour Cream exploding everywhere. When you laughed and came at me with a bottle full of water, I knew we would be friends for life. That was the beginning of a wonderful, beautiful friendship. You truly are a beautiful person inside and out.

You radiated in your bridal grown (both times). I stood beside you the first time and in front of you performing the ceremony the second. We always said husbands come and go but best friends are forever. You paced the halls with my family when I had my boys and you helped watch them grow.

We spent many a night drinking daiquiris and solving the worlds problems. We realized we were "getting old" when a great Friday night without the kids meant driving an hour to the first Super Walmart. We thought they were going to throw us out we were laughing so hard at the greeting cards. Never did take much to amuse us.

So many memories. I cherish them all. Dawn you are forever in my heart. You are a piece of my soul. I love you. And I will miss you greatly.