Saturday, February 11, 2006

How to cure the blues

Blogging has been light lately since I didn't want to spread my depressed attitude. But, I had a great pick-me-up last night.

I went out on a "date". A handsome young man asked me out and I accepted. There is nothing better to lift a woman's heart then to be asked out by her son.

Daredevil called me at work yesterday. Usually, it is "can I use the car tonight". Instead he asked, "Mom, would you go shopping with me tonight?"

My heart brightened.

He has been searching and searching for a necklace for his girlfriend. He bought her a birthstone ring for Christmas and wanted to find a matching necklace.

When I asked him why he wanted me to go with him, he replied, "We haven't done anything together in a while and I wanted a woman's opinion."

This coming from my 18 year old son. I was flattered and honored. We had a fantastic time. We found exactly what he was looking for and in his price range. Yes, he used his own money. He does not ask me for any.

So, I am beaming this morning. My sons brighten my life. I love them dearly and am proud of them all.