Monday, June 26, 2006

Brain Teaser of the Week

** Brain Teaser of the Week **

The five words below all contain the letter-pair LE. We have taken out the other letters, though. Put each remaining letter back in place to determine the five words. We have included the part of speech and some clues to help you out.

L E _ (noun - no letter Y or A)
_ _ L E (noun - no letter A or U)
L E _ _ _ (adjective - includes another vowel)
_ _ _ _ L E (verb - includes one letter twice)
_ _ L E _ _ _ (noun - no letter D or M)

Remaining letters:A, A, C, D, D, G, G, K, L, M, I, R, U, Y, Y

How well is your brain functioning on a Monday? Check back later for answers.

Update: I got a lot of guesses on that one. Exactly Zero. Well, I'll post the answers anyways.