Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Theme song of our day: American Idiot

It's been a while since I've had to make an Emergency Room visit. Well, Daredevil took care of that today. Luckily, it wasn't a bad slice. Just needed a few stitches in his thumb. Workman's comp will take care of everything. If his work is like mine, box cutters will be banned.

It sounds sick to say, but this was a fun emergency room visit. We were cracking up laughing almost the entire time there.

The place isn't very big and it's in a small backwoods town. (If it had been serious we wouldn't have been there.) Daredevil was signing the admittance forms and I was sitting close to him in the waiting room area. There were five people in the waiting room, including Daredevil and I. One man got a call on his cell phone. It was difficult not to listen as this is probably a 10 x 10 room. His first conversation was short, "I'm at the emergency room. Because of you." End of conversation. Now, there were no immediate signs of problems. No blood, no bandages, no vomit pail like the guy sitting next to me. But, he did look stressed. He kept resting his cheek on his palm. The second conversation explained it all.

"I'm at the emergency room"

"I let your stupid cousin Fred try to pull out my tooth!"

"I guess that makes me the stupid one."

Daredevil and I eye each other. I'm turning towards the wall and Daredevil, whose back is to this man, is biting his lips and his face is turning red as we are both stifling our laughter. We were both trying really, really hard not to laugh. But, I'm envisioning cousin Fred with one foot on this guy's chest, vice grips in hand and empty corn whiskey bottle laying beside them. "Open up wider Cuz, I just about gots it."

It's just not polite to laugh at other people's pain. But, we couldn't help it. It was killing us to keep quiet. Finally, he says, "Go ahead, it was a stupid thing to do". We busted a gut. Poor guy. I felt for him. But, it was just too frickin funny. I think we embarrassed him. He went outside and we didn't see him again.
Later, we were ushered into the treatment room. Both of us still occasionally snickering about the other guy. The doc comes in to stitch up Daredevil's hand. Daredevil is lying on the table. His is head is closest to me. I'm watching her spread his cut open and start to put in needle in it to deaden it. Daredevil is halfway between laughing and screaming. Then, we both start laughing. I think the doc thought we were nuts. I'm laughing because this is the same child who always screamed when they stitched him up. Now, he is laughing. Not, your regular ha-ha laugh. But, that whole body quiver laugh. The doc is desperately trying to get in the cut and his hand is quivering like jello.

Finally, after he is stitched up and we are waiting for the discharge papers. He starts laughing again. He is listening to his MP3 player. The song: American Idiot. Seems that was our theme song for the day.