Friday, June 16, 2006

Broken Planes, Hurricanes, and Malaria

I have been meaning to post Part II of my E-Harmony experience detailing the wonderful man I met and the obstacles we have faced during the last two years. But, I haven't had time lately because I have been trying to get a friggin prescription for an Anti-Malaria drug. Of all the times for this crap to happen. No, I don't have it. I am trying to prevent getting it. The Bahamian Islands do not normally have a problem with Malaria. But, no not this year. 700 friggin islands and the one I'm going to has a Malaria outbreak. The CDC is recommending a drug for prevention. My doctor is out of town and his associate is hesitant to prescribe it. Normally, I just worry about hurricanes and flight delays and cancellations. Now, I can add Malaria to the list. Why can't I have normal problems?