Monday, November 27, 2006

Accent Wars!

I have been dragged inta dis accent war between my "Grandma Bou" `n` my "Great Grandpappy Harvey" about whether er not my "Uncle T1G" has an accent.

Well, if you are unsure, then take this Yankee test. I scored 97% Dixie. Then it asked something about my Grandfather Lee. Don't know why their dragging him into this. The last time I saw him was at a club in Hammond LA through the bottom of a shot glass. That was many moons ago.

So, if`n yew tekk da test `n` do turn out ta be a Gott forbid Yankee, then yew can translate yore yankee talk cheer so us Southern folks can understan` yew.

There is even a place to "hoggle" your web searches and blog url's. I tried a few. My favorite was "One Happy Dog Speaks" which translates to "One tickled pink dog speaks".

So, now put in any Url and us southern folk with be able to understand you Yankees. (Hint: put in Great Grandpappys web address and go back and read his post the way it should have been written.)

Have fun and "Ya'll come back now, ya here. I'll leave the light on for ya."

Accent my a$$.