Monday, November 13, 2006

My prayers are with my Sweetie and his family

Here I am alternating between the computer and the stove. Picking at the fajitas. Staring at the phone. Waiting for it to ring. Picking it up. Dailing. No answer. Putting it down. Checking e-mail. Nibbling at the food on the stove. Over and Over again. Waiting once again for funeral arrangements to be made. My Sweetie's baby brother, this time. My heart goes out for his family. I am frustrated being so far away. Waiting for word so I can make arrangements to go to South Florida. Resisting the impulse to jump in the car and just go. I have responsibilities and obligations here. Work. Kids. And I hate it right now. I want to be there. Giving hugs. A shoulder. Holding a hand. Wiping a tear. Anything, other than listening to my phone not ring. And their phone ringing on and on and on. I know my Sweetie will call as soon as there is time and information. But, this waiting is difficult.