Friday, August 17, 2007

Amazing Boys

I haven't posted on Improviser lately. He is more of a low key person than the other two. Daredevil and Chowhound jump in and make a lot of noise at whatever they do compared to Improviser who quietly trudges down his own path. He tried the Jr. College path a bit but it's just not his thing. So after a semester or two of completing the classes he enjoyed the most and dropping the required ones he has put it off a bit. I don't blame him. I was bored too. So, now he is sharing an apartment with 3 other young adults. They struggle but they seem to keep their heads above water. He is committed to making it on his own. He has found that the work force is tough and doesn't pay much when you have no skills. This may eventually drive him back to school. I know it did me. Yesterday, he called all excited. All year he has been applying for job after job after job. He worked as a busboy at a Country Club for a while after he got fed up with the inner politics at Office Depot. He just started working at Radio Shack a few weeks ago but it is only part time. Now, finally he has gotten a job with a security company and is going to be a security guard at the local Courthouse. It is full-time. It pays more than he has ever made before not much on a standards of living chart but still for him it's a good job. I loved hearing the enthusiasm and excitement in his voice.

Of all my boys, he is the one I have always worried most about. He is extremely intelligent but must do things in his way and in his time. He wants to discover things on his own. He doesn't want to just take someone else's word for it. He is one of those that would have been questioning those who claimed the world was flat. He would have taken flack from everyone and in the end he would have been right. He stands by his guns. I'm proud of him. It's not easy to trudge your own path through life. He's not going to stand in line and follow the masses. He will take the hardest route and probably be more satisfied in the end.

I am just as proud of him as I am of the other two. Daredevil chose the Military Path, Chowhound will probably take the College path, and Improviser elected to join the University of Hard Knocks. I figure as long as they show responsibility and determination then they will be alright. All three boys have an abundance of both.

They all just amaze me.