Monday, August 13, 2007

I got a letter

Finally, my own personal letter from Daredevil. He is frustrated. They moved him to a different platoon. He says,

"most of the kids, yes I said kids, don't have even a hint of discipline at all. They can't stand still, they don't listen, and they don't stop talking. And the worst part about is that the DI's basically stopped training us....They won't teach us drill. And now the Senior DI says it not our fault. It's society and the Officers of Parris Island's fault because they aren't 'allowed' to touch us. And what's worse is that my old platoon is the best platoon in the entire company and they moved me to the worst Platoon in the company. This stupid Platoon is almost driving me to tell the SDI that I want to go home cuz I'm not learning shit. I still have my visa check card. I could go buy a bus ticket home if i wanted to. But, I won't do it cuz I'm not a quitter. I've never given up on anything I've done. Wonder if I can be pushed back one week and graduate with (cousin) like I was supposed to and may I'll get a platoon that actually cares. Everyone here says they want to be here but it doesn't show."
I guess being a band geek is finally paying off. He had discipline drilled in him from his Band Director for six years. Not to mention from me too. But, I think a large part of it came from being part of an organization where they all had to pull together. It is ingrained in his character. I hope the "kids" in his platoon grow up fast.