Friday, August 24, 2007

Another letter

I got another letter. I got another letter. That makes 3 so far. It takes so little to make a mother happy. But, then I opened the letter and found out why I'm getting mail now. They were quarantined. His entire platoon. His SDI said they made Parris Island history. The only platoon to ever be quarantined. I'm assuming since this letter was several days ago that everything is okay now. He said he had a slight fever and that the ones with the high fevers they were putting in isolation. There are approximately 20 recruits from his platoon put in isolation. He didn't say why. I'm not sure what they were watching for. He said he was bored lying in his rack for two days. He did say this would not affect his graduation date.

He is now is Phase 2. This week is Swim Week. His cousin warned him. It's not just playing in the pool. But even with all the gear they have to wear, I'm sure it will feel good since it's been so hot. He loved the confidence course.

"Oh, yesterday we did the confidence course. It was so much fun. I passed everything with flying colors. None of it was real hard. The one I had the most fun on was the "A-frame". I had to climb a 20ft rope, then climb through a foot and a half gap between 2 logs then walk across some logs with about 6 inches between them. Then, climb up a 10 or 15 ft "A-frame" with 4 x4s on it then grab a rope, which I could just barely reach, and slide down the rope to some mats at the bottom. It was so much fun."
He has always been my climber. As a child, he would climb on top of the playground equipment. I'm talking about the roof covering it not just the top of the monkey bars. He did that one time with one arm in a sling because he had a broken collar bone. Yeah, the confidence course was right up his alley.

I'm counting down the days. October 19 will be here soon.

It is strange just having one child at home now. Well, one I'm responsible for anyways. He is never home. Between band and school starting back up. I see him occasionally. Last night, was open house. We breezed through, met his teachers and were done before the time it officially started. He only has 3 teachers other than the band director I've known for the last 8 years. He has two band classes. Plus, he is trying to become a Band Aide. (snicker snicker). I've made all kinds of corny jokes about that. He has rolled his eyes and shook his head so much at my stupid jokes that he looks possessed. They also can have an optional 7th period. Guess what he's taking. Band. More than half his day will be spent annoying the Band Director. Talk about an easy Senior Year. Four Band classes, sign language, economics and English. He better take advantage of things now. This is the easiest life is ever going to be.