Thursday, August 30, 2007

Don't blink

I love Kenny Chesney's new song. I absolutely love it. Don't blink. It is so true. I look at the young men my boys have become and I wonder when it happen. How did I miss it? I must have blinked. Oh how I tried so hard not too.

Then I think about how my mother must feel as her oldest child gets ready to turn 50. How she must feel looking at her grandchildren and her great grandchildren. At how the world has changed in her 74 years. I wonder if she feels like she blinked.

And then I think how my grandmother must feel. She was born in 1914. She has seen things get better and worse. The living conditions have gotten better. The condition of humanity and how we treat each other has gotten worse. She has seen so much in her 93 years. She blinked the the depression was here. She blinked it was gone. She blinked her daughter was born. She blinked her husband died. She blinked and a new love entered her life. And she blinked and blinked and life keeps changing.