Sunday, August 12, 2007

Kidless no more

My childlessness is coming to an end. Yeah! Chowhound will be home this evening. He is at the LA Airport right now waiting on his flight. I wish I had a picture of that airport right now. I'm sure it looks an evacuation shelter. The DCI finals in Pasadena, California concluded last night. There are 70 corps groups with a minimum of 135 participants plus staff in each. The vast majority of these are flying out of LAX. Chowhound has been at the airport since 2am. He said everyone is blowing up their air mattress and sleeping anywhere they can. They been sleeping on gym floors all over the country for the last two months so why not the airport. There kids range in age from 14 to 19. What a site to behold!

I am very nervous about him flying home. He has to change planes in Houston. There is only one person he knows on his flight. He has never flown by himself before. The only other times he has flown was with me going to the Bahamas, twice. I'm sure he'll do fine. But, I'm anxious about it.

Well, time to get back to pacing.