Friday, June 08, 2007

Hurricane Season

Trying to gather my thoughts right now is like raking leaves during a hurricane. So many big changes are coming soon.

Chowhound is abandoning me on Sunday. He will be gone for two months. This is my baby. The only one of the children who still likes to play with me. I think I'll have to tie something around my neck to entice the other two to play with me. Porkchops won't work with them. They prayed for a noose a time or two, I'm sure. Any suggestions?

If it wasn't bad enough that Chowhound is running away, Daredevil leaves for Parris Island in 45 days. And, Improviser is already out of the house battling this cruel, unfair, wonderful world. My children have grown their wings. Between July and August, I will have three weeks with just me and the dog. I don't think the dog is ready for that. Although, I do know that if I hang a porkchop around my neck he will play with me.