Sunday, June 10, 2007

Why I don't get photos taken

I took all three boys to Sears yesterday for photos. I must have been out of my freaking mind. Now, I remember why the last photo of all four of us was 16 years ago.

"Don't touch your brother"

"Stop pushing"

"Quit making faces"

"Put your hands down, don't make rabbit ears above your brother's head"

"Get your chin off of my head"

They get older. They don't grow up.

Then, the lady gets the bright idea that we should do a pose sitting on the floor. Holy Crap. Doesn't she know I'm old and decrepit?

And I felt like crap yesterday too. The entire right side of my body was screaming. I couldn't move my head, move my right arm or my right leg without feeling like someone had a hot poker to all my joints and was having the time of their life torturing me.

I managed to fall to the floor as gracefully and softly as I could. Yeah, all the grace of a baby giraffe trying to use his legs for the first time. Now, once I'm gravity bound and can't fall even further she wants me to lean across Chowhound's lap and prop myself up. Crap. I can't lean on my right shoulder or hand without daggers stabbing in my shoulder. And wouldn't you know it that was the side I was positioned on. So, now I have to manage to crab walk/scoot/shuffle or just generally look like an idiot to switch sides. Then, we need to call a crane to get me back up off the floor.

The finished photos did look great. But, my what an ordeal for me. It was bad enough being in extreme pain but then having to take the heckling from my peanut gallery.

Somebody knock me up side the head if I ever get this bright idea again.