Thursday, June 21, 2007

Maybe I should take a hint

My Mom had surgery Tuesday and got home from the hospital today. This is her second surgery in the past month. They are doing the rotor rooter routine on the arteries in her neck before they do a double bypass on her legs next month. She is doing good but needs someone there just in case. So, I am going to go home for a couple of days.

Well, I am trying. I let Improviser use my car today, as his died recently, to go to a job interview. He picked me up after I got off work and the plan was for me then to take him to work. When I got in the car I noticed the brakes were making an awful grinding sound. Strike One. Great. Wonderful. Just what I need the night before a trip. So, I stole Daredevil's car from him so I could take Improviser to work. Daredevil works close to the house so he didn't have to drive my car far as he had to be at work at the same time Improviser did. Is your heading spinning yet? Mine is. Then, on the way to take Improviser to work, I had to stop and put water in Daredevil's car. Strike Two. Improviser was a few minutes late for work.

Now, I have to make the great decision to try and replace brake pads tonight or just rent a car. Seeing as I would have to borrow a jack...and...Borrow the tools.. and...Cuss and Cry half the night. I opted for Plan B. I rented a car. I called my ex and made arrangements for him to take me to pick it up. Yes, I am friends with my ex. Not exactly friends but we are cordial and he helps me out as I have no family around me. I just called him and let him know I was ready to go.

"Be there in a few minutes."

A few minutes later the phone rings.

"Don't laugh too hard but I will be a little longer than a few minutes."

"Okay" wondering why would I laugh.

"I have a flat tire."

Strike 3.

Crap. Is someone trying to tell me something.