Monday, April 10, 2006

And the winner is...

There is another winner of the Darwin Award. Did you see this? Another stupid criminal is killed and they question what should happen to the dogs who mauled him.

COMPTON, Calif. -- A man was mauled to death by
three GUARD dogs
after he jumped the
at a metalworking company in Compton Sunday.

The dogs are at a shelter. They'll be quarantined until county
animal control officers decide their fate.
(emphasis mine)

Hello. What did I miss here? A man jumps a fence. He did not walk through a gate. He. Jumped. It. Which tells me it was locked and he didn't have permission to be there. The GUARD dogs attacked him. They are GUARD dogs. Duh! It's their job. They did their job. He did not steal anything and we don't have to pay any court or jail fees. Now they quarantine the dogs until they can determine their fate. Give them a steak. Reward them and let them get back to work. They didn't have to use force to make the dogs stop. "They ordered the dogs away without using weapons". The stupid idiot got what he deserved. It doesn't state that there were signs posted but it doesn't matter. If you have to jump a fence to get in somewhere you obviously aren't supposed to be there. They should just return the dogs to the company. I bet no one else ever jumps the fence there again. The sad part is that they will probably destroy the dogs and the idiot's family will sue the company and get a bunch of money. It's terrible that he was killed but he shouldn't have been doing it in the first place.