Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Beast is Loose

Chowhound is now the Sexy Beast. At least that is his description of himself. It seems that girls have discovered Chowhound and his ego is so inflated you can't stand in the room with him.

Chowhound is in the band as well as crosscountry and track. So he stays busy and is involved but has always been extremely shy. He has had a few "girlfriends". You know, the kind that last from 2nd period to 5th and then they are "going out" with someone else. Well, last week at an away trackmeet two girls were flirting with him. Pump, Pump, Pump. Let's start inflating the ego. Then a few days later two girls in the neighborhood stopped him as he walked down the street and were flirting with him. He ran into them again Friday evening. One of the girls told him he was HOT and asked for his phone number! OMG what a monster she created. He was doing Charles Atlas poses in front of the sliding glass doors that night admiring his reflection and calling himself a sexy beast.

Then it got worse. Yesterday, he spent the day up at this school helping his Band Director rearrange equipment and build shelves and such. There were a group of the band kids up there on a Saturday volunteering their time so the Band Director decided to treat them to dinner at a local BBQ place. The Director went to the counter to pay and all the kids went outside to wait on him. Well, he came outside snickering and grinning. It seems the waitress, who was 16, gave him her phone number. FOR CHOWHOUND. She thought the Director was Chowhound's father and asked him if she could give him her number and ask Chowhound to call her. Now, you can't stand in the same room with him.

This is my baby. He just turned 16. He is 5'11" and weighs about 150. He does work out some with weights and does push ups, situps and jogs about 10 -15 miles per week. He has the washboard abs. But, his ribs poke out and you can watch his heartbeat. Apparently, 16 year old girls find this attractive.

I thought I was ready for my boys to grow up. But, not my baby. He has always been the one to help me out without asking and quick to give me a hug. I can't believe what a wonderful young man he has become. All my boys for that matter. I guess in a mother's eyes her boys always look like toddlers. It's hard to think that in just a few short years they will be exploring the world and trying to figure out their lives. So scary. It's scary letting them make mistakes. You know they are being stupid but there is nothing you can do but let them learn for themselves. But, there is pride too. A whole lot of pride. I beamed like the sun last year when Improviser walked across the stage in his cap and gown. Now, he is applying to colleges and starting to move on. Next year Daredevil will graduate and he wants to go into the military. That is scary for me. Then, it will be Chowhound's turn. He is already researching music scholarships. And now girls are coming into the picture. Oh, I feel old suddenly.