Friday, April 14, 2006

Get Well Soon my Little Rue

My sweet little Bahama Mama Rue was attacked by another dog today (she lives in the Bahamas with my Sweetie). She is home and recovering. She needed stitches in four different places (puncture wounds). Poor little cutie. The vet said she will be fine. Traumatized but fine.

The stupid, mean dive shop dog snatched her out of the truck by her head and started shaking her. As soon as my Sweetie got her out of the other dogs mouth, he had to hold her back because she was going after the stupid mutt. She was going to tear him to bits. She's little but she's tough.

Sweetie said he's going to get her an earring now that she has a hole in her ear. Good thing the other dog didn't grab her by the mid-section, she'd be getting a belly ring. I think she needs extra treats and attention.

Get well soon Rue.