Saturday, April 15, 2006

Who do you look like?

Ever wonder which celebrity you look like? Me neither. But, actually this was fun. Hat tip to Sadie and Oddybobo for providing the link to My Heritage. Down load a photo and it scans it and compares it to a celebrity database.

My results were interesting. I actually did three different photos to see if I had the same results in any of them. Nope. Not once. Once it scans the pictures, it presents you with male and female celebrities. There was a huge difference in my look alikes there.

Here's what I got:

In the female category:

Photo 1:
53% Nancy Sinatra
48% Elle Macpherson

Photo 2:
55% Sally Field
54% Reese Witherspoon
52% Britney Spears

Photo 3:
I only had 2 female matches. One was an older lady and the other was an African-American. I must have had a bad hair day and wasn't photogenic this day.

In the male category I got
67% Gordon Cooper
64% George W. Bush
54% Lee Harvey Oswald
53% Gene Hackman

I am so glad I was born female.

My Sweetie was 60% Tom Selleck and 59% John Travolta.

Who do you look like?