Thursday, April 06, 2006

O.R.E.O. Gone in sixty seconds

That's about how long it take for two teenagers to devour a package of oreo cookies and a half gallon of milk.

Chowhound enlightened me on the art of dunking oreos in milk. I stood there in awe of his technique. A master oreo eater. He should be in commercials.

Apparently, the rules state that first you drown them. He holds them under the milk until all the air bubbles are gone. Then, the procedure gets tricky. He quickly but precisely got the dripping cookies in his mouth without any milk getting on the counter. Oh, did I mention he eats them two at a time. That makes them Double Double stuffed oreos. Then came the challenge round. A three dunker. Yes. He did it. He managed to get three drowning, dripping oreos in his mouth without making a mess. He isn't called Chowhound for nothing.