Sunday, March 05, 2006

Battle of the Sexes Ammunition

My boys are evidently taking the battle of the sexes seriously. They are armed and ready to fight. I found this in the bathroom this morning.

They have discovered the ultimate weapons in the war with women.

Deodorant. Shaving cream. Razors. Toothbrush. (The toothpaste was on the counter). Nothing like a girl to get a boy to take a shower and start caring about his appearance.

Yeah. Gone are the days when I have to coax them to take a shower and then ask specific follow up questions. Did you use soap and water? Did you wash your hair? Did you brush your teeth? Did you use toothpaste?

I'm not sure where they got their unique toiletry kit. I'm not sure if I want to know. But, I guarantee, I will inspect their luggage the next time we fly. I can see this show up during a security check at the airport. We would make national headlines. Some high strung security cop would probably shoot us.