Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Great Marketing

Ad agencies pay people good money to sucker people in. Someone earned their money on me. Because twice this week I have bought terrible products because of the packaging.

Episode #1.

This is my skin.

Yep, it's as dry as mud. Especially in the winter. Easy solution. Lotion. There are a gazillion lotions on the shelves. I just grab one that looks great. I'm a sucker for anything that resembles summer and beaches. Neutrogena Summer Glow daily moisturizer. You think I would have picked up on G.L.O.W. No not me. I concentrated on the daily moisturizer part. It was a real blonde moment.

It's my calves and ankles that are the driest. So, I just douse them down and rub the excess on my forearms for good measure.

Yesterday, I notice my palms look funny. Orange even. I sprint to the bathroom and inspect the lotion closer. Self-tanning. OMG. I look at my legs. I'm tan from the knees to the ankles. It's worse than a farmer's tan. It's a mailman's tan. Good thing it's not shorts time yet. It's capris for now. I sure hope it fades as fast as a real tan.

Episode #2

Heed my warning. I was the guinea pig.

If you are tempted to buy Krusteaz Mango Bars reach for something else.

My boys love Mangos. The picture on the box looked good. I was in a sweets mood. So, I was suckered in.

First warning: It didn't smell good when I was mixing it up. Ignore warning #1.

Second warning: It didn't smell good while baking. I should have clued in here. Ignore warning #2.

Finally, it's done. Taste test time. Yuck. It taste like dirty socks smell. I gagged. So, disgusting. Maybe glitter and raisins would have made them tolerable. But, I don't think so.

You have warned.