Friday, March 17, 2006

Friday Flashback

Okay, Mom, I'll tell my stories. It'll be a Flashback Friday today.

Being around VW's boys sure makes memories come pouring back. Just seeing the two car seats in her van made me smile. Traveling with toddlers is always an adventure. And it is even more so if they are within touching distance of each other. My three boys are within 4 years of each other which meant that someone could always touch someone else since the backseat was wall-to-wall kid carriers.

It's a mother's nightmare trying to referee while driving. Well, this one particular day, Daredevil and Improviser were snacking on Happy Meals in the backseat. Suddenly, Daredevil, I think he was 3 at the time, started crying and screaming. The mother's inquiry revealed he had a french fry up his nose. Stomping Brakes, gravel grinding, I pull off the road. Yep. It was way up there. Not a scrap hanging out. I'm glad he wasn't laughing and snorting. We would have needed surgery to get the sucker out.

"How did you get a french fry up your nose?"

Teary eyed, he replied "Improviser did it!"

"Why did you put a french fry up your brother's nose?"

Improviser replied matter of factly, "'cause he tried to put one in my ear."

Toddler justification. It made perfect sense to him.

Okay, what now?! Plan A. Grab something to use as a snot rag. Blow. Nope. Nothing.

Plan B. Stifling my laughter I drove to my mother's house to borrow a pair of tweezers. It was way up there. Luckily, this didn't require an emergency room trip. The extrication was simple and quick. And hilarious. Did I mention it was way up his nose?My mother still laughs about this. I was soooooooo glad I did not have to make a trip to the emergency room for this. It was bad enough I had already recently taken his brother in to get a rock out of his ear. But, that's another story.