Monday, March 27, 2006

How to jump start a Monday

Ring, Ring,


"Can I speak to ****"


"This is Agent SoandSo with the FBI."

HOLY CRAP! WHAT DID DAREDEVIL DO NOW?! That's the first thought that went through my head. All kinds of things came next. I thought it was bad enough when the Sheriff's Deputy from the School called from my house because Daredevil and his friends were skipping. But, the FBI. This is some serious crap here. I prayed please, please, please be a practical joke. He didn't give me a lot of information. He just asked to meet with me.

So, how do you make a good impression at work? Ask your boss, "Can I use your office to talk with the FBI?" This looks real good since my company is sending people for drug tests this week.

Turns out it didn't involve any of my kids for a change. They're doing an investigation on the guy next door.

Yeah, dodged that bullet for now. Always have to stay on my toes.