Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Mini Blog Meet

Too tired to blog last night. Thoughts and fingers would not cooperate. But, what a wonderful weekend! It was full and busy and refreshing. I hated to return to reality but one can't live in vacation/fantasy land forever.

I visited with my Blog Mother and longtime friend, VWBug, not once but twice. Her sons, Tater and Tot are as adorable in person as they appear on her blog. I got hugs, kisses and pictures. They are two too sweet boys. Also, Happy Dog is very happy, very friendly and seemed to like me very much. His nose is right at the wrong height. He kept goosing my butt with his nose. Nothing like trying to visit while holding a miniature horse at bay. We had a fantastic visit reminiscing and catching up.

On the return trip, we had a mini blog meet. Three generations of bloggers together. I was excited. I finally met my Blog Grandmother, Boudicca. I've know VW since Jr. High School, but even though Bou and I briefly went to the same High School, this was the first time we met. She is a beautiful woman. I think what struck me most about her was the confidence and energy she exudes. I am envious of that. So now I can add "Bloggers I have met" to my sidebar.

I was disappointed to learn that I missed meeting That 1 Guy by only a few hours. Maybe on his next world tour.