Thursday, March 30, 2006

Taking a break

I'm taking a break from my Spring Cleaning and Redecorating Project. My old furniture hit the trash heap last weekend. I was so glad to see it go. It was get-me-by furniture given to me three years ago when I bought my house. I didn't have a stick of furniture at the time so it served it's purpose and now has been retired to a pile of ash.

So, this week I have had the carpets cleaned, celebrated Chowhound's birthday, removed all the remaining items from the living room except the entertainment center. I started painting last night and I was horrified when we moved the entertainment center. OMG. It looked like Pompeii. Then, I started laughing. The first thing that ran through my mind was I could win a Casa de Dust contest if ArmyWifeToddlerMom had one. I would have taken and posted pictures but I didn't want to embarrass myself that much.

I am now down to the boring, tedious part of painting. The baseboards. I hate painting baseboards and I just can't put border on them like I do up at the ceiling. Thus, I am procrastinating right now because I don't have an edger. The tape isn't working very well. But, motivation is right around the corner because I pick up my new furniture tomorrow. The, the ultimate motivation arrives Saturday. My mother. Yeah, she is coming in for a short visit.

Well, back to painting.