Sunday, October 02, 2005

Child rearing in public

I got tickled at a story my mom told me today. She was in WalMart waiting on a prescription. There were about five or six other older ladies, probably 60's or 70's, also waiting. And there was one young, agitated mother. And one red faced screaming 3 year old. This kid was pitching a fit because she couldn't have something. My mom and a couple of the other ladies naturally starting talking about how they raised their kids. They all agreed this child needed a good butt whipping. Then, one of the ladies sitting a few seats down from this discussion group, walked over to the mother. She leaned forward and very politely said, "Nobody here would have the slightest problem with you spanking your child." LMAO. I applaud this woman. In this day and age people are terrified to discipline their children in public or otherwise. You cannot reason with a 3 year old. I agree it should be a last resort. But, sometimes it is the only solution. I know when I was a kid, we dreaded public restrooms. Not because of sanitary reason. But, because that's where our mom took us and beat our butts if we acted up. Of course, she also left us waiting in the car most of time.....And we didn't wear seat belts..... or wear helmets when riding our bikes...... Hey, wait a minute..... Is it too late to report her now?