Thursday, October 27, 2005

Got any cheese?

'cause, I'm whining. What a sucky day this has turned out to be. First, I get roped into helping give free handouts to the not so f(ing) needy. Then, I find out I'm a victim of Wilma's aftermath. Plus, it's cold. Yes, I'm whining and I'm pissed. The only way this could have been "better" would be if I was PMSing. Which I'm not, but might as well be. WTF pile it all on. I don't care.

Every year, my company sponsors a food drive through one of the local food banks. I don't volunteer for it. I'd rather go poke my eyes out or pull my fingers out or some other form of torture. It's not that I don't like helping people. On the contrary, I'll be the first to give you the shirt off my back or help you in any way I can, if you need it. But, it absolutely galls me to hand out free food to some of these people. Yes, some need and deserve the help. But, then you have the ones with the brand new cars, talking on their cell phones and complaining about what you're giving them. F them. They already receive food stamps and live in free housing. I'm tired of supporting them. They need to get off their dead asses and contribute. I'm a single mother of three teenage boys and I work my ass off to support myself and them. At one time, I lived in subsidized housing and received food stamps. (But, my car was a POS and I didn't have any luxuries.) I have been there. I understand that sometimes you need help. But, you have two choices work the system to get out or work the system to stay in. I wanted out. I put myself through college while raising three toddlers on my own. Screw these people. If I can do it so can they.

Second rant. I HATE HURRICANES, MIAMI, AND AMERICAN AIRLINES. And, not necessarily in that order. Hurricane Wilma destroyed my plans. I was supposed to fly down tomorrow and spend my birthday weekend with my Sweetie. American canceled my flight out of Miami. This Sucks. Another birthday celebration by myself. Last year, I spent my birthday stuck in a hotel in Miami because of a dispatcher dispute. This year, I don't even make it down there. I guess being home is better than being stuck in Miami right now. But, I'm bummed. I miss my Sweetie. I haven't seen him since Sept and was really, really looking forward to spending four days with him. Now, I'll have to wait until Christmas. This really, really sucks. I'm going to check for flights out of other airports and see if I can make it down there somehow. But, what a bitch.

And now it's frickin cold. I hate being cold. I don't have any cheese so I'll stop whining.