Sunday, October 16, 2005

Daredevil in trouble, again

Daredevil is in an on going battle with his father. I think it is actually has more to do with his father's girlfriend than his Dad. She tells him what to do with his boys. The boys have all commented that their Dad doesn't "have the balls" to stand up to her. They have all gone through it with her. Daredevil is the last one and the most defiant to take a stand. After the stunt he pulled in August, his Dad grounded him for 8 weeks. Even though the boys are all teenagers, his Dad still insists on the every other weekend thing. I could understand this if that is all he ever saw of them, but they are over there everyday. He only lives a 1/2 mile from me and he is right across from their school. Anyways, since this is the case, the punishment is dragged out to 16 weeks. I think it is excessive. He wasn't even the one getting laid. So, fast forward to tonight. Daredevil was invited to a bowling party for the girl involved in the previous incident. His Dad told him no. So, Daredevil went anyways. He got off work at 5 and went without telling anyone. I agree this was wrong. Absolutely wrong. But, I saw it coming. Daredevil is a good kid. He works part time and is involved in the band at school. He does not go off with his friends very often. He is 18 after all. I talked to him and he is willing to take the consequences. He weighed the pros and cons and took his chances. He felt it was worth it. That is the life lesson. There are consequences to every action.