Tuesday, October 25, 2005

How VW and I fought High School Boredom

There is an obvious and simple pattern to this post. Can you decipher it?VW this should bring back memories and smiles and probably slapping of the forehead.

During our high school days, VWBug and I found all sorts of ways to interrupt the boredom and monotony of school work.Since we could only duel with our imaginary swords between classes, we distracted ourselves during class writing notes.At first they were all plain and straight forward. But, that left the imagination thirsty.So, we began writing encrypted notes. This is an example of how we wrote some of them.This wasn't so the underworld spy teachers couldn't catch us. It was purely boredom control.Our notes progressively got longer and more complicated.I wish I still had some of them.I would love to remember what we wrote about.
VW, Thanks for making High School tolerable.