Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Too old to hula hoop

I have muscles that I had forgotten about. OMG. I am sore. A woman who is about to turn officially 40 something in 25 days (do the math and take notes) should not hula hoop. Don't ask what started it. I think it was my friend's, "Mouth of the South" (as she calls herself), enthusiasm. We went to work out at Curves yesterday. They were playing some great 50's music. Well, what does that makes you want to do? The TWIST, of course. So we are laughing and hamming it up and dancing our butts off (hopefully, we certainly are trying). After our workout, she grabs one of the two hula hoops hiding from us behind the bookshelf. They are typically only brought out on Fun Fridays. But, Monday just needed a kick. MOTS is determined to keep this hula hoop going. Bless her heart. She can't get it to stay up but one or two rounds. Surprisingly, I have this thing going. So while she is getting her hoop going for the 25th time. I still have mine twirling. I couldn't even do this as a kid. I was proud. Until this morning. Pride has turned into agony. I can barely move. So, being the brainiac that I am. She picks me up after work today and we go do it again.

Well, between the CURVES workout, the twist, and hula hooping maybe I just might lose the 5-8 lbs I want to before my birthday. Because, I am going to see my Sweetie then and I want to look hot for him. So, guess what we are doing to do again tomorrow?! Yep. Repeat Monday and Tuesday.

Oh and BTW, guess what's next. Belly dancing lessons.