Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Update of Daredevil's dilemma

Letting your best friend and his girlfriend fool around at your father's house: 16 weeks restriction

Openly defying your father: empty threats

Proof that your ex is an idiot: priceless.

I am still shaking my head in disbelief. This man has a master's degree in psychology. Why the hell doesn't he just use common sense. He used to work with juvenile delinquents. He should realize that Daredevil is basically a well behaved, responsible young man. His rationalization to Daredevil was this: If he were living in a dorm or somewhere else, he would have to abide by the rules set up by the governing authority. Or faced being kicked out. So, he tells Daredevil he has one more chance or else. Or else what. He doesn't live with his father. He visits. He lives with me. What is he going to do, tell his son he can't come over and spend time with him anymore. What an idiot.