Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Daredevil is 18 today

Happy Birthday to my Daredevil.

I knew from the first ultrasound that this child was going to be a handful. He had one hand behind his head, the other holding, uh....well you get the picture. Yes, evidently boys are aware of IT from the beginning. Then, I got the picture they take in the hospital.

Notice his right hand. Looks like he is shooting a bird. He loves this picture and points that out to everyone.

He was always testing limits and still does. He held a crayon inches from the wall and dared me, "I have a crayon, I'm going to write on the wall." He would be all dressed up and put the tip of his shoe in a puddle and look me in the eye. Daring me. No, he didn't write on the wall, that time. I snatched it from him and beat his butt. Probably for the millionth time. But, yes he turned and ran straight through the puddle. And got his butt beat for that too. It never did any good. He has always had a smile that would melt your heart while you were ready to strangle him. He still has that charm.

He is fearless. I have spent more time in the emergency room with him than both the other boys combined. He has broken his collarbone 6 or 7 times. I lost count. He has had stitches and casts. I took him to the emergency room about a half a dozen times in one year. I just knew they were going to call HRS. One of the times was only 2 weeks apart. An injury never slowed him down. I think it just encouraged him.

He is only 16 months younger than Improviser. But, he learned early on how to handle that difference.

Here he is trying to get a cupcake from Improviser.

He has developed into a wonderful young man and I am very proud of him.