Saturday, September 17, 2005

We Won!

Yeah! Our football team won. That means we are 3-1 so far. But, it also means we have already beat last year's record. Yes, that's right. Our team sucks. We only won two games last year. That is why my boys do not play football. The fact that they are skinny little runts is beside the point.

My boys are band geeks instead (and yes, I have some "one time at band camp" stories). But, really, really cool ones (kids and stories). Daredevil plays the bass drum. That was the only instrument he wanted to play. Although, he was made to start out on the symbols first. Luckily, he advanced from there. But I worry because he came home and told me, "you only have to be 10% smarter than the instrument you play." So now instead of banging two metal lids together, he beats on a pot with sticks. It's a drummer thing, absolutely nobody understands. So much for intelligence. Good thing he is handsome. Chowhound, on the other hand, does percussion keyboard during marching season. During the spring, he is in concert and jazz band. He plays the tenor sax, contra bass clarinet, and several other instruments. He is musically talented. They don't get it from me that's for sure.