Saturday, September 03, 2005

Observations from the Airport

I just had the pleasure of spending about six hours in Airports. I would like to address the following people:

To the man sitting about 20 feet away from me. TURN DOWN YOUR CD PLAYER. Headphones mean that I am not supposed to hear it. If I wanted to listen to that music, I could have stayed home and been tortured by my children. You give the appearance of wanting to be courteous by wearing headphones but then you turn it up so loud that it is annoying. If you don't have any regard for those around you then at least do it to save your own hearing.

To the man pacing back and forth while talking on his hands free cell phone. YOU LOOK LIKE YOU BELONG IN A PSYCHO WARD AND NEED MEDICATION. If you have business to conduct that is fine. Then sit in the corner and quietly conduct your business.

To the couple with the two small girls sitting behind me on the plane. You have wonderful adorable children. Your oldest daughter who appeared to be about 4 or 5 is very observant. But, I was nervous enough flying and her observation that the propeller wasn't turning (we were still on the ground) and her comment that they shouldn't have put us on a broken plane did not make me feel any better. I did chuckle when she couldn't remember an event and said, "Oh, that must have been when I was little."

The the man that sat next to me on one of my flights. Thank you for a very interesting and personable conversation. It made the flight go by very quickly. To often these days, people are engrossed in their personally electronics and do not take the time to talk to the person six inches away from them.

Despite my delays, I had a good trip. I am spending the holiday weekend with my Sweetie so it was all worth it. (Labor Day is Monday for those of you going WHAT HOLIDAY?)