Sunday, September 11, 2005

Teenagers!!! Ack!

The Daredevil has a job. and money. This means he can spend his money on what he wants, right? He bought 2 Stephen Lynch CDs. He is a singing comedian. We watched him on Comedy Central. But, I did not know he was going to buy these. I found out when I walked in the kitchen and heard " caught me spankin' it. It's no use denying it. I was really crankin' it." The CD is actually really funny, but these are my children bringing this home. It's that testosterone element again. So, I listened to the rest of that song. It did make me reconsider something though. One part said, "...I completely understand if you never want to hug again or shake my hand." Ugh! HE SAW ME TYPING THIS, NOW HE IS PLAYING IT AGAIN! Teenagers!!!!!!! I am going to lose me mind. Now he is dancing. Ewwww, he just hugged me.