Monday, September 26, 2005

Second guessing myself

I'm driving myself nuts trying to decide whether or not to accept the new position at work. I have to let them know tomorrow. I was all excited at first and had no doubts, but as time passed I began to second guess myself (nasty, terrible habit) and wonder if I am making a wise decision. Money wise, it is more per hour. Of course, it was even more yesterday, but then today, they announced the annual pay increases. So now it is 3/4 of what it was, go figure. I thought about negotiating, but I suck at it.(Put this in my list of things to work on.) There is no guarantee of OT. I depend on OT for my playing money. And, I like to travel and play. I keep weighing the pros and cons and just end up driving myself nuts. It is a faith issue vs money issue. Do I have faith that this is what I am supposed to do? Take chances, risks. You don't get any where with out taking a risk. Of course, by staying I will be taking a risk too. I think this is best summed up by a quote from Ashleigh Brilliant's Pot Shots, "I can do anything I decide to do~ The only thing I can't do is make decisions." I don't think I am going to sleep worth a damn tonight.