Tuesday, September 20, 2005

New York Red Neck Wedding Brawl

Here's a wedding to remember. All you have to do is read the arrest report. And, there won't be any pictures except mug shots. It seems that two wedding parties got into a brawl at the Crown Plaza Hotel in White Plains, NY, when a person from one wedding party thought the bestman of the other party was a photographer who absconded from their wedding. Eleven people were arrested. All from Mr. Fortunato's wedding party. They weren't very fortunate, were they. The police spokesman said, "We believe the event may have been alcohol-driven." You think. I would hate to think they would have acted like this sober.

Well, Harvey. You wanted to know
how to liven up a wedding. I don't know if their ceremony was as exciting, but the reception certainly was a knock down and drag out. I wonder what the anniversaries will be like, if there are any.