Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Logical Geometry

Homework time. This is always an interesting time at my house. Sometimes I can help them; sometimes I can't. Chowhound is in 10th grade. He is taking geometry. Last night he had this problem:

Consider the following statements: All deer like lettuce. Gail likes lettuce.

a) Do these two statements imply that Gail is a deer? Why or Why not?
b) Suppose the second statement said, "Gail is a deer." What, if anything, could you conclude?

Why did they stick a logic question in the Geometry homework? I didn't have Logic until College. And, if I hadn't of had it, I would have been shaking my head too going WTF. Needless to say, this question made for interesting conversation. His conclusion....if Gail thought she was a deer, she was mental and needed some serious help.