Monday, September 26, 2005

Eggby Conclusion

Today concluded Daredevil's parent experience. This is the final summery of his journal:

This is the part where I have summarize the experiences I had caring for the egg/child. I’m supposed say that taking care of this child made me feel like a parent and the feelings that come with being a parent, but I’m not. The only thing that this project showed me is that if I had a child, he/she would know my parents more he/she would know me. My parents babysat my egg everyday because of band, work, or both. But I will say that I was worried the first day because I didn’t want to lose any points. That was change when I got home after work when I found out that Dad's girlfriend let the cats play with my egg and broke and the points were taken off my final grade. After you said for us to go home and boil another egg or it will stink I did just that. And after that I stopped caring because I knew if it did break again you wouldn’t take off any more points and I could just boil another egg. In my opinion, this project was pretty point less if you’re trying to learn the difficulties of being a teen parent.

I think he learned more than he realized. He makes that clear by his statment that his child would know his grandparents more than his father. I also realized that, he never asked me to babysit. I'm not sure if that was a good thing or not. I was surprised that he took the time to type the journal. He said, he thinks it is because of the influence of his new girlfriend. I like her already and I haven't even met her.