Monday, September 19, 2005

T' Scallywag's Shoes

Arrrrrrrrr! Had to revise me post for today. Missed the announcement of Talk like a Pirate Day. But, this is a good day t' make a scallywag walk t' plank. T' scallywag be Chowhound. He insists o' wearin' these shoes. No, your eaye do not deceive you. Aye, that be duct tape. He has new sandals. He won't wear them. He says these make him popular. Translate, "These get me attention."

I learned early on to let them be individuals. But, when we go out in public. I will not walk with him. If he comes near me, I ask real loud, "WHERE IS YOUR MOTHER?". Of course, that just makes him hug me in public, YUCK (See previous post on Teenagers!) Well, I figure if this is the most defiant he gets, I got off easy. I think he does it just to embarrass me. Although, I may have found a way to get back at him. He looked mortified when I started taking pictures and he found out I was posting them. I have a sign that says, "I smile because you are my son, I laugh because there's nothing you can do about it." Mom always comes out the winner of the embarrassment contest. Why? Because, I'm the mom. Besides, I have naked baby pictures I can post. Shiver me Timbers, I still think de scallywag should walk t' plank.