Friday, September 16, 2005

Hurricane Katrina Stories

My sisters and I have been trying to track down information on our stepfather. We have been unable to get in touch with his wife since Hurricane Katrina struck. The last we knew he was in a VA Hospital in Biloxi (He suffers from Alzheimers). But, we were not sure which facility he was in. My sisters have been making phone calls and I have been scouring websites trying to find out anything. Tonight, I found some information dated Sept. 12 which states he is in East Biloxi at a residence, but we don't have an address. But, at least we know he is ok. This gives us some relief while we continue to get in touch with his wife.

While I was searching the VA's website, I found where they have been posting some of the
VA employees stories. There is one story entitled Saving a Child. It is about three VA workers in Biloxi finding a 5 year old little boy right after the Hurricane. He had been in the apartment complex that was destroyed. It is a very heart touching story (one of the thousands that came out of this catastrophe). But, the part of the story that got to me said,

"He told us his momma had given him a pop tart and told him to go upstairs. All through his ordeal, the boy had clutched that wet pop tart. He didn't want to let go. "

Think about it. He was in a building that was blown apart. Through all the winds in excess of 100mph, pelting rain, the debris and everything else, he held onto that poptart. This was his last piece of security from his mother and that is what he held onto. I can't even imagine the terror he felt. The VA workers went out then and tried to find the boy's family, but to no avail. Later, they found the boy's mother and brother at a hospital, but unfortunately his father and grandmother were killed.

It just shows you how important the little things are. Especially to children. And for every story you hear about the terrible behavior a few have shown, remember, there are thousands of heroic stories to be told. They just don't make the primetime. Most people are good at heart and it is sad that the good that comes from this catastrophe does not sell as many papers as the crimes.